Portia the Explorer, aka Meet the Lindens, part 1

Work was painfully quiet last night. I arrived about 15 minutes early to set up and while there were people in there, it was nowhere near normal. As soon as that contest was over, everyone left and no one returned for my shift. I don’t think the head count ever passed 9 (2 dancers, the DJ, the campers, Blaspheme, and myself). So where is everyone? Blaspheme’s been on hiatus for health reasons and I know Slick’s got the flu at the moment (though he only goes to the club when I’m there), but where’s everyone else? Some have speculated that the drop in traffic is being caused by the move while others blame the saturation of clubs on the grid. Supply has surpassed demand and now people are scattered instead of congregating at a few popular places. One of the dancers mentioned one popular club that sill gets a lot of traffic, so I took note and paid the place a visit after work. She thought it had to do with the fact that they have contests running at all hours, but I suspect it’s actually achieved some success because it’s essentially an escort driven place planted in the middle of a huge mall. Not my idea of a good time. Still, I took a look around and even spied a Caged Asylum employee in the crowd. I hadn’t seen him dance up until that moment. After reading a few of their job application notecards and noticing that several of their employees didn’t quite live up to their “quality clothes” requirement, I left. I wonder if by “quality” they meant “something you bought here.”

Having had my fill of that place, I decided I’d do a little exploring. All of my friends were offline, so I got a little adventurous. I dug out my landmark for the bridge at the Nova Albion and popped in. To my surprise, no one was on the bridge! Miramare was back in place but everyone was gathered in the street. I didn’t stick around for long though. I saw particles in the distance and flew off. It turned out to be a dance floor with one lone dancer. As tempted as I was to stop and have a dance with her, I kept moving. I’d had enough of empty dance floors at work earlier. I flew in a direction I knew I hadn’t seen before and found yet another empty dance floor in the midst of the city. That’s when I decided to take to the road. I followed the road in directions I was sure I hadn’t been and eventually found a huge bridge over a stretch of ocean. I wasn’t about to ride past that bridge without seeing what was on the other side, so I veered right and started the long journey.

About halfway across the bridge I noticed a fellow fly past me in the opposite direction. I guess he saw me too because he stopped to look. We idled there for a minute before I said hello. He was new and had taken to exploring as well. Like most noobs, he looked pretty ridiculous. He explained that he had tried to modify his clothes and ended up turning them white. We talked for a few minutes and I dropped him a few landmarks to get him started and showed him how to use the search function. He said that no one had helped him before that and he was very appreciative. I offered friendship before we parted and told him to IM me if he needed anything. About an hour later I got a TP request from him. He was in a freebie place I hadn’t seen before and had acquired a nice suit, prim hair, and shoes. He was stuck in a sitting animation, so I passed on the rose a friend once gave to me (yay for trans/copy perms!). He wanted to wear the rose on his shirt so I told him about attachment points and tried to explain how to edit the position, but he had a hard time getting it where he wanted it and just took it off. Next time I’ll direct him to Torley’s videos.

Speaking of Torley, I finally took a trip to Here! I’ve been meaning to do that for a while. I’ve seen pictures of Here and it’s even more awesome in person. It’s like a physical interpretation of fun with little bits of Linden here and there.

I only got to look at a small corner of the region because I was summoned by my new(b) friend.

I’ll have to return though. There’s just so much to look at! I’ll have to make a special trip just to explore the rest of the place. So where was I before I got distracted by Torley? Oh yeah…the bridge! On the other side of the bridge was place called Shermerville, which looked like your average suburban neighborhood. The houses were way too close together for my taste, but it was nice if you’re into that sort of thing. There’s even a police station. I saw one one police officer on patrol while I looked around.

Beyond Shermerville was Linden Village. By this time I had abandoned the road and taken to the sky. I watched the land info change as I flew across the tiny office parcels. Some of you may recognize the chair I’m seated in as being located in Philip Linden’s forest. Last night’s voyage has prompted me to start a series I’m going to call Meet the Lindens. This post is only a glimpse. I intend to go much more in depth. It’ll be fun, I plomise 🙂


~ by Portia on October 31, 2008.

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