my (mostly) boring life

I didn’t set up BlogHUD last night, but I did look at it in my inventory 😀

This is a picture of myself all hobo zombied out during my weekend voyage through Barcola. That ocean should have been Miramare. I haven’t returned to see if Miramare was still in place. I’ll make a point to do that tonight.

I’ve been working on things around the house in my off hours, of which have been many in the last few days. I set up a structure that was advertised as a gallery around 1500m above ground and outfitted it with a few sets of poseballs. I tried to set the height of the pose balls on my own, but you know how that goes. All of my taller friends were offline or otherwise occupied, so I put it off. When Slick came online last night I dragged home home and fixed my poseballs. I have some more I want to try, but he poofed while we were dancing at work. I was a little disappointed because I hadn’t seen him in several days, but I know he’s got rl issues at the moment.

Speaking of work, the club moved to the new sim. It was awesome the last few times I visited, but last night…last night the lag spikes were terrible. One of the managers says they’re going to try to find a better sim. Anyway, I thought the sim had crashed early in the day because I only got one event notice all day, but it turns out people were just slacking off. Frankly, I don’t blame them. It’s pretty frustrating when you pull out all of your tricks and still no one shows up. I imagine it’s doubly frustrating for the DJs. We were able to hold a contest during my shift because jski brought his own contest board, but we were seriously short on VIPs. We stuck it out and had a good time anyway.

I went home after work with intentions of working on the new skybox, but I got distracted and spent a while sorting inventory. I never did manage to get that done, so I’ve been doing a little here and there. I’m making a point to delete as much as possible and add keywords to folders because sometimes the names aren’t descriptive at all and I don’t want dressing to be a chore. Anyway, I’ll quit boring those who are reading (all 1 of you). Hasta manana!


~ by Portia on October 28, 2008.

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