I really have to get in the habit of saving my snappies directly to my thumb drive. I do most of my blogging at work in the physical world and my forgetfulness makes me fall behind. I’ll remember to bring my pictures tomorrow, I plomise. And I’ll set up my BlogHUD today, I plomise 🙂

Anyway, I did manage to get some exploration in this weekend. I cruised around Lie on my newly acquired hobo bike, saying hello to a noob or two as I passed but quickly realized I was riding around in circles. At some point I got a notice from one of the zombie groups and teleported to their meeting place in Barcola. I didn’t join in because they’d probably talk to me and I have a hard time jumping into social situations without having the opportunity to observe for a while. Instead, I wandered off and hopped back on my bike for another excursion. Something looked funky on the mini map, so I had to investigate. I rode to the edge of Barcola, and where I normally would have just continued on into Miramare, I hit the invisible brick wall and could see nothing but ocean. Miramare was offline!

I didn’t work much at all this weekend and I may not work tonight either. Caged is moving to a new sim, so even though we’re supposed to carry on as usual I haven’t seen it happening. No notices today. Either the sim crashed (we were warned it could happen) or there’s been a change in plans.  I guess I’ll find out tonight.

That’s all for now.  I lost my train of thought.


~ by Portia on October 27, 2008.

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