another night, another adventure

Work alright last night. I went with one of the predetermined themes because I didn’t want to change. I’m pretty much always sporting ink but rarely dressed as a ninja (did ninjas vs. pirates the night before), so I just went as I was. SL was not cooperating with me, so I had to do a lot of things twice before they’d work. No missing DJ, so that was a plus. I find myself enjoying Simple’s sets more now that he’s just playing what he’s used to instead of trying to play metal. Slick joined me for a while, and since the couples dance balls have been removed (possibly to be placed in the new sim), we occupied the “resolution” balls* in the corner while exchanging IMs. Yes, I have pics. No, I won’t share 😀

After work I followed a slurl in someone’s profile to a serene garden in a sim called Lie on the mainland. The region was mostly empty aside from a few residents in their homes, but there was much to explore. I took a little break on a tire swing before taking a stroll down the road.

The first thing I noticed as I rounded a curve in the road was what looked like a McDonald’s sign. I knew there had to be more to it than that and I was right.

I’d stumbled upon a little stand called Madcow’s Primordial Soup and Sandwich. The counter was manned by this giant slug-like thing who happened to be serving, you guessed it, smaller versions of itself. Not one to shy away from a free meal, I took a seat and dug in.

There are some vendors in and around the stand. This was definitely one of the more interesting roadside shops in the area. You know what I love about mainland? The roads, obviously, but I love how things don’t necessarily need to match what what’s nearby. Madcow’s was placed on a piece of hilly terrain, and it’s not unusual to see houses jutting out of the sides of mountains. Builds are juxtaposed in such an erratic way that it’s almost harmonious.

For instance, I found this Barack Obama supporter’s space nestled between two homes, an art gallery, and an animation shop. I had to fly around ban lines to get to it. Ban lines bug me to no end, but I can understand residents wanting to keep people from eating their porridge and sleeping in their beds. I think I would absolutely love to have my own piece of the mainland one day. I see it as the equivalent of living in a city. While I won’t be buying land in the immediate future, I do intend to continue exploring. In fact, I’m looking into purchasing a vehicle. Those glorious Linden roads are calling to me!

*Somewhere in the course of my exploration, I discovered the store that sells those balls and snagged a set for myself. I have some serious redecorating in mind. I’ll be removing some things and adding others, including another structure in the sky. I’ll update more as these plans formulate in my mind.


~ by Portia on October 23, 2008.

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