insane musical weekend

I finally went to a KevinMThomas Carpool show. I see his name all over the place and finally got a chance to see him play. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I took a seat on a crate right up front and pretty much kept to myself while I listened to him playing a mixture of his own music and cover songs. He did an acoustic cover of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell that was pretty cool, but I enjoyed his original songs more. If you haven’t seen him in either life, you should. I did take pictures but forgot to bring them, as usual. BlogHUD is starting to look really good.

Work was fun on Saturday. I changed the theme at the last minute and hosted a costume party at Caged. We had an awesome turnout. I saw people I hadn’t seen in a long time, and at one point the head count was just under 30. I wore my naughty doctor costume and Vamparo wore a bitchin’ Joker avi. And as promised, he had my song! The club was hosting a Pantera concert that evening, but I had other plans. I spent some time at Dimension of Tears before I was scheduled to host. Tips were great that day at both clubs. This was especially good because my Sunday night event was canceled. I managed to save up enough to cover another 4 weeks worth of rent (pay 4 get a 5th free :D) and didn’t have to spend any RL bucks. Yay!

The time between working hours has been a blur. I did a lot of shopping (lucky chairs mostly), dancing, and just hanging out. And I spent a lot of time with my new friend Slick. He has an unnatural love for Slipknot, but I forgive him for that…lol. He comes and hangs out with me at work sometimes even though he’s not really into the club scene and I go to the sandbox with him sometimes even though I’m not a builder. I watched him put together a building in a short time and then textured it for him last night. Just as I finished doing that, Ry sent out a notice saying he’d taken over the stream and was ready for a party. I had a new mohawk I wanted to show off so I dropped in. I probably should have put on my host tag and taken over those duties, but I didn’t feel like working. I wasn’t there for the tips. I was having so much fun that I lost track of time and stayed up later than intended.

I shook things up again last night. I think it’s great that there’s a set theme schedule (makes things easy when you’re not feeling very creative), but sometimes a person has to change things to bring back the VIPs that have grown tired of the status quo. And it seems to be working! Two of the managers that I’ve spoken to said I can go ahead with different themes so long as someone in management knows about it. Last night I turned the lunatics loose in the asylum and called it Asylum Escapee Night, a perfectly appropriate theme for Caged Asylum. It was fun. One person even asked if it was going to become a regular theme 😀

Overall, I had a pretty good weekend/beginning. What will I do tonight? I guess you’ll have to come to Caged Asylum to find out 🙂


~ by Portia on October 22, 2008.

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