A few pictures

In the last day and a half my blog has acquired 855 spam comments. Up until then I had none. Note to self: don’t use the hosting tag anymore. Anyway, this will be mostly a picture post with some minor commentary. Here we go!

I got a lot of new hair at the Hairspray hunt this weekend (or was it last week?). I’ve been wearing this one a lot. You can’t tell from this picture, but it’s way long. I think it falls past my knees! I ❤ long hair.

Here’s one from another hunt. I couldn’t help but stop for a picture with the cauldron of noob soup. Because I was out looking at Halloween stuff, I got into the spirit and wore one of my new skins I won in a lucky chair at Cyber Rapunzel. I love their skins.

I did some more hunting after work Sunday evening. This time I followed a link from someone’s profile picks. I was looking for a place called 420 Club or something like that, but landed in an empty parcel. I thought maybe it was just a bad teleport, so I started flying upward. I didn’t get very far before I spied a bowling alley in the next parcel. It looks like an awesome place to hang out with a group of friends. No one was there at the moment, but I kept a landmark so I can return. Speaking of landmarks, I really should organize mine. In fact, I should finish organizing my entire inventory 😀

I decided it was time to take a look at Kiara’s new club, Mint Lounge, Monday night. My event was canceled, so I had lots of free time. The building is beautiful. There’s a spacious dance floor and several semi-private areas with sofas to relax with friends. The music isn’t my favorite, but it’s not bad. It has an overall classy look and feel. Blaspheme joined me to have a look around and while we were there she mentioned that she’d complimented Kiara on a job well done in IM and Kiara responded by saying that we could work there if we want. I took an application out of habit when I first arrived. No tattoos allowed. I suppose I could play the part, but as with any other potential job, I’d like to spend some time there before commit to working.

It does look like a very nice place though, and even if I don’t work there I’d be happy to help her promote. Which brings me to my next thought…I am not going to make rent this month without dropping a few RL bucks into my account. It’s not a big deal because I’ve been doing that anyway to cover what was left after contest winnings, but I was hoping work would lessen that need. That one club that mentioned high average tips is starting to look pretty good. I’m going to check it out again tonight.


~ by Portia on October 16, 2008.

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