Portia, a mommy?!

A strange thing happened to me this weekend. I got an IM from a complete stranger asking if I wanted to be a mommy. After getting over the initial shock of that proposition, I found myself wondering why I I was being contacted by a random stranger while I was at home. There were no other dots on the map. I don’t mind getting IMs from strangers when I’m out in public, that’s how people make friends after all, but I don’t expect it at home. My neighbors are rarely there, and I haven’t yet spoken to any of them. Anyway, after inspecting the stranger’s profile, I found that she’s roleplaying as a spoiled teenager with a twin sister (she’s looking for a set of parents for both of them). And she’s a Turtle Bay resident, so that explains why I was contacted. I have to wonder if she reads profiles before asking or if she just bothered everyone in the group who happened to be online. So now I’m left wondering why anyone would think I want to be an SL mommy and why anyone would actually choose to adopt a spoiled brat. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for parents, who the hell spoiled you?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a fan of family roleplay. It’s just not my bag. It’s true, I live with a woman who usually wears a child avatar at home, but there’s no roleplay going on there. I’m not her mommy, she doesn’t shpeek lyk dish, and we don’t have any children’s furniture.

I found the whole thing mostly amusing, if mildly annoying. And she’s a Baxton! Hm…you’re not the twin, are you Blaspheme? 😀


~ by Portia on October 14, 2008.

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