overdue tour

It’s time for that long overdue tour of my new place. You may remember my post from two weeks ago when Blaspheme and I first moved to the island. I’ve been meaning to make a huge picture post, but we did rent bare land and for the first week it was just that, bare. Now it looks like our personal beach resort. This is going to be a picture heavy post, so I’ll try to figure out the more tag 🙂

I’ll start with an aerial view to give you an idea of the layout. That large rocky structure on the left is the grotto. Next to it is the pond, and beyond that you can see the campfire and deck on the other side of the hill. The owner says the pond used to be a waterfall, so I guess that explains the hill. Whatever the case, we just love it. You can also see the neighbor’s waves. I want some for our island so bad but they’re expensive so for now we’ll just enjoy theirs. I’ll start from left to right (I don’t know the cardinal directions off the top of my head).

This is the entrance to the grotto. Looks like a waterfall, but is actually a door. You’ve seen that kind of thing before.

Get a load of that! This is what you see right after you walk through that waterfall. Blaspheme and I fell in love with it at the store and knew we had to have it for our home.

Maybe I should have worn a swimsuit for those pictures 😀 Oh well, I was on a mission. Let’s step outside, shall we?

This is what I like to call the front lawn. Blaspheme made a pathway to the pond and later added a few Halloween decorations. I’m thinking about putting up a bowl of candy but haven’t decided where yet.

Blaspheme turned the bottom of the pond into a room. Why waste that space, right?

Here’s another view of the pond room for perspective. Now we take to the sky!

A few hundred meters above the island is the building platform. This is mostly for Blaspheme’s use as she has more of an interest in building that I do. I do like to go up there sometimes though. I just like the atmosphere.

Above that is the skybox, because one can’t be on the beach all the time! It’s fairly empty at the moment because I took down the monster bong in an attempt to alleviate lag, but I may put it back up. Or not, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll leave it that way so it’s easy to switch out in case we ever do end up having that party. Anyway, this post is getting huge! One more picture and I’m done.

Gratuitous kitty shot! 😀


~ by Portia on October 10, 2008.

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