I read about The Nameless Isle the other day on Landsend Korobase‘s blog, and after seeing her pictures, I knew I just had to visit. Upon landing, I found myself on some sort of sloping ledge covered in trees. I looked left and then looked right and proceeded to jump off the cliff, not knowing what awaited me at the bottom.

It was a ravine! And the water was unlike any I’d seen before. Simply beautiful. I marveled at the scene for a little while and then continued my exploration.

Just look at that! I haven’t done much exploring lately because I’ve been too busy working and socializing, but I’m so glad I went to The Nameless Isle last night. I walked through some paths seemingly devoid of destination and finally ended up at what looked like a swirling vortex of sorts.

Curiosity struck again, and after a brief moment of contemplation it took over and I found myself plummeting to the bottom of that vortex. There was no ravine this time, but there was lots of lovely plant life. And an outlet to the ocean!

More of that beautiful water! Around the corner there was a couple sitting on some large rocks in the ocean next to this neat looking campfire. It was a very romantic scene, and as much as I would have liked a picture, I let it go for the sake of their privacy.

And the beauty doesn’t end at the water’s surface! The creator put every effort into this build. At this point, I found myself camming to the outside (because the isle is sort of a basin..possibly a sphere). For some reason I wasn’t having much luck getting a good view of the outside, but that’s okay. I flew up to an altitude higher than where I’d arrived and found more lush forest. Everything was just lovely. I can see this as a nice retreat for some quiet reflection or a place to take your significant other to enjoy the scenery.

To quote Landsend:

Next time you’re in SL punch these three magical words into map search: “The Nameless Isle”. Do it. Then thank me later, or even better, thank the genius creator Baron Grayson.

Happy travels!


~ by Portia on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “nameless”

  1. That’s awesome Portia, I’m so glad you went and enjoyed it 😀

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