slow night

My shift at Caged last night was quiet to say the least. Because the DJ showed up late, Phoenix made filled in for about half an hour. A few songs into the scheduled DJ’s set I swear I was about ready to shoot myself. Blaspheme actually took a break to do so. More than anything, I tried to encourage the VIPs to make requests, but judging by the constant Alkaline Trio/Papa Roach/Kid Rock stream I guess no one did. There’s a new nightly regular who’s pretty nice. He keeps mostly to himself but does like to flirt with the dancers. Too bad the poles were empty last night. I was glad when the event was over because I just didn’t want to listen to that crap anymore. Caged Asylum = metal club. METAL. Sure, the DJs stray sometimes but mostly through requests. Anyway, when the event was just about over, another DJ showed up and asked if we were doing any more events. Um, I wasn’t. I set up for him because he was itching to stream and went home. At least Blaspheme and I both went home with some lindens in our pockets.

As soon as my notices went out, I got an IM from Phoenix saying I work too much. Maybe I do. Gotta pay the rent somehow 😀 I went to look at some stuff he’s building and vented a little about the DJ. I swear I’ve never been so bored while hosting. Oh wait, there was that one time at that one club…but that’s in the past. Conversation eventually came around to the dome (which has a name, but it’s slipped my mind). He needs hosts and dancers for weekends, since they’re operational mostly on weekends for now. I’m very likely going to have a second job now, but I don’t know when it’ll start.

I ended up back at Caged to close the contest less than an hour after I’d left. Of the seven people in the room, three were campers and one was a slave someone had left behind (may as well have been a camper, she wasn’t talking or participating in any way). Voting took way longer than it should have. I’m not doing that again. If someone wants to have an after hours party, they can do it without a contest.


~ by Portia on October 9, 2008.

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