weekend update

Cradle of Filth started later than expected on Friday due to miscommunication. I happened to be in-world because rl work was slow and ended up hosting an event while we waited. I spent some of that time talking to the owner of two of the groups I’m in and now we’re friends. And I got VIP status in those groups, so now I can use them to promote for Caged. The only downside is that notices cost 50L each and I haven’t noticed an increase in traffic yet. I need to remember to talk to Serenity about the problem I incurred trying to post on SL’s events page. I think I’ll reach more people that way. Plus, it’s free.

Before the event, I hung out with a friend for a while. Seems like a nice enough guy so far, nice enough that I even invited him to the island for a tour. It was a real bitch because of the lag and the fact that I was on a crappy laptop. He showed me one of his favorite stores and I got new hair. I spent the rest of the afternoon nearly crashing at Caged. Note to self: never again attempt to host an event on one of those laptops. I spent most of the time just standing there because i was afraid of straining the video card more than I already had. I made it through the event without crashing but had to leave before the concert started. Had to return that stupid laptop.

I got a lot done on the island this weekend. The grotto is set up, I added a deck with lounge chairs on the far end, and swapped out a few objects for lower prim options. I also contacted the landlord about that pesky lag problem. She was incredibly helpful in her response and after she restarted the sim, I haven’t experienced any major lag spikes. I was home for about half an hour before work and another 2 hours afterward and my little island parcel felt like paradise again. I also put the lag meter away because apparently it was a major contributor. How ’bout that? I still want a Greedy Greedy table, but I’m debating whether to get the table (60ish prims) or just get the pocket edition and set up a few bean bag chairs(20ish prims). Decisions, decisions.

I’m sure I’ve missed something as I always do, but that’s all I’m writing for now. Oh yeah, I updated the events calendar. I’ll update with pictures later.


~ by Portia on October 6, 2008.

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