good day

Sunset on the roof.

Sunset on the roof.

My first event at Caged was awesome. The place was packed for the first hour and tapered off a bit after that, but it was a good night. I made right over $1,700L in tips (after spending $250 on tipping other staff members). I know it won’t always will be that good in terms of tips, but it was an awesome first night. I bought a belt to wear to work right before, so I’m about $1,500L ahead. While out shopping, I made friends with a guy who happened to be shopping there as well. I invited him to the event but didn’t really expect him to come as he’s not a big clubber. I invited another friend (one I’d complained about before) and he did come and stayed almost the whole time. Blaspheme came during the second hour. I’m glad she made it even though she probably wasn’t in the mood to socialize.
Full moon.

Full moon.

We stuck around around 20 minutes after my shift ended. All but one couple and the DJ had left. We went home, and I hopped around the grid checking out a few lucky chairs I’ve had my eye on while she was AFK. Cyber Rapunzel has another skin on the board that I simply must have, and then there’s that dress at katatOnik and the bubble chairs at Happy Mood. And of course, the two outfits I haven’t gotten from Silent Sparrow. I ran into three Bs before work, but Blaspheme wasn’t online to claim them. When I returned to Happy Mood after work, there was yet another B on the board. Blaspheme is now the owner of a set of the super cute bubble chairs.
Bubble chairs!

Bubble chairs!

Don’t we look cute perched on bubbles on the beach? 😀


~ by Portia on October 1, 2008.

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