Pre-first day rambling

Okay, I just have have to let this out. I am not loving the trend to refer to female DJs as DJanes. I see what they’re getting at, but it irks me. Moving along now.

Tonight is my first event at Caged. I updated my calendar last night with the week’s events, if anyone’s interested. All times are SLT. The themes are pretty repetitive, but that’s not such a bad thing. I’m trying to curb my spending anyway 😀 Speaking of shopping, I need chains! I have none. Actually, I do have a chain bikini. I guess I’ll have to get creative. It’s no fun when staff doesn’t play along. Also, I’ll be playing stump the dj. Should be an easy victory.

Does anyone else remember when was completely free? I used to find so many great bands there. Then they started featuring mainstream bands and it turned into the we see today, where the only thing you get for free is the account. Joy. The thing that made me think of Phoenix’s inability to find Xandria (ack! they’re getting a new singer?!) quickly last night. I found them on I need to find my backup disks and get more of my old music on my computer. It may be easier to just download everything again.

Helloween reminds me of Rush.

I spent the earlier part of the evening on the beach with Blaspheme. She was working on a new gesture, and by the time she finished I was pretty sick of hearing it. That’s repetition for ya. It’s a good gesture though. She does all the things I’m too lazy to figure out. She started by learning how to stream, moved to building, and then gestures. She’ll do well. Anyway, we spent some time lounging around the campfire behind the hill. The island is just so beautiful. I was thinking about adding some waves to complete the oceanic scene, but they’re a bit expensive. I do love the sound of waves crashing to the shore though. Perhaps in the future.

I’m a little worried about our recent lag issue. I want to blame it on the fact I upgraded to the new release client, but I don’t know. I was at Phoenix’s place playing Greedy Greedy last night (and won twice..the grid must be on the verge of implosion) while he was streaming and the lag was negligible. Could it be because the neighbor finally put up a house? I doubt it. We’ve only used about half of our prim allowance, and I don’t think we have anything that causes significant lag. Is it the flower rezzer? The bong? Our four pets? The teleporters? I don’t think so. We had all of these things before our lag problem. In fact, we regularly commented on how lag-free our parcel was. I think it’s has something to do with the new release client. I am not happy about this. I’m tempted to install an older viewer to see if that’s the problem.

And again I’ve forgotten to upload pictures. I did remember to update some earlier posts with pictures, but damn it, I should get in the habit of having my pictures on hand when blogging.


~ by Portia on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Pre-first day rambling”

  1. To be fair, I was annoyed with my gesture as well. But I love Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, so I’ll get over it sooner or later.

  2. It’s a good gesture. I just don’t like hearing any gesture repeatedly 😛

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