So that’s what friends are for..

I made a few new friends this week. Wait, let me restate that. A few people I hadn’t met before requested friendship and I accepted, thereby adding names to my friends list. I met one while sitting on the bridge in Miramare, another while inspecting a castle I thought I might like to rent, and one last night at Club Destiny.

I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to accept friendship from a guy whose first words to me were a/s/l, but I did it anyway. See, instead of playing along, I filled him in on a little SL etiquette and he was gracious about it. Usually they just move on to the next pretty face but this guy stuck around to chat a bit. So maybe he’s not so bad, right? Maybe, but I got a little uncomfortable last night. It was the second time I’d invited him to join me at a club, and the first time we spent much of it chatting in IM about finding jobs. My mistake the second time was the event. I can be naked at Caged without anyone trying to slex me up (most of us are friends there), but things are very different when I’m not with my usual crowd. Note to self: don’t invite people you just met to nude events. Yeah, my bad. Oh yeah, and I think he was taking pictures. My stream kept breaking, so I turned off the music and heard many camera sounds nearby. I ended up logging off before the event was over.

And then there was that furry I met while house hunting earlier this week. I saw him flying around when I teleported onto the steps of a pretty (but cramped) castle in the woods. I went inside to have a look and he followed me in. We made idle chit chat for a few minutes and then he had to go, but before he went offline he asked if we could be friends. I’m all for making new friends, so I accepted his request. About half an hour later I got an IM from him asking me what I sell. Well, I don’t sell a damned thing. I don’t know where he got that from, but it was probably just a bad attempt at an ice breaker. He told me he wanted to sell something, so I inquired as to what he had in mind. The conversation went something like this:

me: what do you want to sell?
him: donno
me: well, do you build?
him: no
me: do you make clothes?
him: no
me: script? animations?
him: donno how to do any of those things
me: so…what do you plan to sell?

Can you guess what he wants to sell? Go on, give it a shot. Yeah, you got it. He wants to sell himself. He said he’s got a female avi for that purpose, but he’s not gay. I’m not sure why he thought I’d assume he was. I mean, he’s not the first guy to go around in a female avatar to work in the SLex industry. He asked if I knew of anywhere he could work, and I didn’t. I don’t make a point to keep up with escort job openings. I did tell him how to use search though.

Remember the days of friends cuts on LiveJournal?

I acquired yet another name on my friends list at Destiny last night. I helped her with her nudity issue and invited her to dance. She had taken off all of her clothes but was wearing a freebie skin with built in undies. She requested friendship right before logging off. However, she logged off in while naked in the middle of the club. Who knows, maybe they’ll be having another naked event when she logs back on 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to her, so I haven’t formulated any opinion yet.

And since when do I drop everything just because someone beckons me? The only person I’ll do that for is Blaspheme. Otherwise, I’ll come if I’m not doing something, and if I am busy I’ll join when I’m not. I don’t appreciate people disrespecting my boundaries, and I don’t appreciate being treated like some kind of personal call girl who’ll materialize by your side whenever you wish to ogle me. I would think that one would know that based on previous conversations.



~ by Portia on September 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “So that’s what friends are for..”

  1. Hmm…I don’t like many of my new friends. Sassy’s been sending me frequent join this group and I keep saying no. Then she’ll resend it. Yeah. I’m thinking about making some cuts as well. It’s only Darwinism, right? Only the smart and fit can survive us.

    I wonder how Phoenix made it so long?

  2. Aw, Phoenix is a nice guy 😛 Of course, he’s never humped my head…

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