Land ho!

I went to Caged early Monday evening but left a few moments after my arrival on a whim. Actually, the decision to leave was not a whim. I just wasn’t feeling the crowd (read: gesturbating up the wazoo). With the recent closing of Greenhouse, I had nowhere else to go. I suppose I could have sought out somewhere to socialize, but I didn’t really feel like it. Instead, I teleported over to CC Rentals to have a look at what was available.

I looked at a few places, including a mini sky castle I’d once been interested in, and didn’t see anything particularly impressive. I’ve grown weary with our current skybox. Blaspheme joined me, and while she was looking at the vendors I’d already seen, I wandered over to the land vendor. We’d talked about renting land before but had a hard time finding listings and eventually dropped the idea. Come to think of it, we had a hard time finding any rentals until we found CC. One piece of land immediately caught my eye.

When I finished rezzing in Turtle Bay, I found myself on what looked like someone’s beach property. I immediately flew over to the empty plot next door to avoid further trespassing. There was only one green dot on the map beside myself. Two plots appeared occupied and the rest of the region was empty, much to my delight. As I cammed around looking for the advertised plot, the other person shouted a greeting at me. She turned out to be the owner of this region. When I couldn’t find the plot I was looking for, I asked for her assistance. It turns out that the property I’d landed on was what I was there for. The house and pool belonged to the previous tenants, who’d made one too many late payments. I spoke to Dana (the owner) for a while before Blaspheme joined me. While we were deciding whether to take it or not, Madrox came online and joined us. The sky was dark and the moon shone brightly. A moonlit beach is nothing short of pure beauty. Blaspheme and I both loved it, so I decided to snag it before someone else did even though I still have two weeks on the skybox.

As soon as we made the decision, I IMed Dana and she popped right back over (she’d gone to the other side of the region) and returned the previous tenant’s belongings. She asked if we’d prefer to have the waterfall that originally was there, as she’d modified the land to suit the previous tenant’s taste, but we opted to keep the pond. Blaspheme’s turtles do need a home, after all. No more kiddie pool for them. Plus, other than being nice to look at, a waterfall is pretty useless.

We shopped around for houses for a few days. We looked at castles, beach houses, and tree houses. Nothing really popped, and the ones that did had ridiculously high prim counts, so I took my hunt to SL Exchange. My first notion was to see what I could get for free. I picked up several structures and ended up rezzing this spiffy skybox high above the clouds. See folks, free doesn’t have to suck. This box is proof of that. A hundred meters below the house is Blaspheme’s building platform (also a good freebie). On the ground, I rezzed a lag meter, which consistently confirms the extremely low lag I’ve been experiencing. We now have plant life and a swing near the pond, inner tubes for lounging in the pond, and a Bob Zombie flag atop the hill. And I set up a teleporter system for our convenience. It’s really starting to feel like home. I’ll update this post with pictures in a while.


~ by Portia on September 26, 2008.

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