Attn: Spam Blogs

Anyone who likes to surf tags has surely noticed a few blogs that are spamming up the place. I just reported six identical blogs as spam. I urge the all of you to do the same. Don’t let spammers clutter up WordPress!

*Although this entry includes Second Life related tags, it is not about my SL. I merely included them because they are the tags I was surfing when I discovered the spam blogs. I’ve included the tags in hopes of reaching a larger audience.

I just received notice that the blogs I reported have been suspended, and probably many others.

Thank you for all of your reports. The report led to a large number of these baddies; all have been suspended.

Automattic |

Good on WordPress staff for acting on this so quickly!


~ by Portia on September 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “Attn: Spam Blogs”

  1. Makes me wonder how bad the spam situation will be in ten years… either a near-perfect algorithm will make things easy to control or it’ll be like trying to use search functions for a certain virtual marketplace… 😀 Cheers for reporting the spam blogs… I’d do the same but I randomly checked a supposed appliance repair blog on Blogger one time and I got rocked with six viruses one after the other.

  2. I didn’t even bother clicking on any of the links. The six blogs I reported were identical, with all identical entries. Each entry was a series of links made to look like a huge tag cloud. Obviously spam. I make a point not to click links on suspicious blogs/comments, and if it’s not obvious, I mind my own business. I will be checking my computer thoroughy though, just in case 🙂

  3. Hi – thanks for stopping by sheboom. I haven’t given up on SL by any means and will return- all my noobie-ism glares & probably gets in the way of any real evaluation right now! Your blog is so interesting – I’ll be back!

  4. I’m sure your experience will be much better once you’ve adjusted to the environment, Boomertech. Thanks for visiting, and of course, feel free to contact me in-world 🙂

  5. Oh you and your crusades. 😛

    I normally report them as well, but mostly the evil ones.

  6. Anyone that spams to the point where not a single post on the tag surfer relates to my tags is evil 😀

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