Gender bender bust

I hosted on Saturday. In short, my event was a bust. I was really glad that Blaspheme came because everyone else seemed to be hiding out in their IM boxes or something. There was one other girl there for a while, but she disappeared after pole dancing upside down for a while. Blaspheme and I were the only ones on the board. I ended up winning back the lindens I put in the board in the first place. Let’s see how burlesque does tonight.

Speaking of lindens…I’ve really got to start entering more contests again. I had a decent inflow for a while. I entered a few this weekend and won nearly $1000L, but I spent that and then some on the new photography studio. The new house is really starting to feel like a home though. We’ve got the living room, smoking room, and photography studio set up, and the photo wall is growing. I’m looking for ways to cut prims though. I did a count last night and we were up to 292 (we’re allowed 245). So I put away the bongs and camera and we’re down to 230. I haven’t even put the plant out yet!

I hung out at Greenhouse a couple times on the weekend as well. They moved to a different sim and now there’s virtually no lag. It’s pretty awesome. Plus, the owners are tons of fun. The other staff members I’ve met (that I don’t already know and love from other clubs) seem pretty cool as well. And!..they got a Greedy Greedy table. Although, I did notice there isn’t a smoking lounge anymore. I wonder if they got rid of it, relocated it, or just haven’t set it up yet.

And if anyone knows a way to get snapshots that I have in my inventory onto my hard drive, please share. I don’t want to have to take pictures twice all the time. Plus, I have some that I’d really like to blog. I suppose I could try BlogHUD. If I can’t figure out how to do it on my own, I’ll give BlogHUD a shot.

Ah! I need to get on writing my notice for tonight!


~ by Portia on September 16, 2008.

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