Apparently the schedule we made isn’t being followed just yet, so please disregard. I will cancel or add events on my calendar as I learn of their status. For now though, I won’t advertise them anywhere as it’s very likely they won’t be happening yet.

Instead of working last night, I spent some time familiarizing a rl friend who goes by the name Madrox in-world with SL. Blaspheme and I took him to some of the usual freebie places and he ended up wearing an evil bunny avatar, an ICP shirt I gave him upon logging on, and a bong. Afterward, we hung out at the house. Blaspheme made an attempt to build a cage in the house, but took it to the roof because there’s enough room to build something that big inside. She built it quickly and proceeded to cage us in the living room. During her indoor attempt, she managed to push Madrox straight through the floor and he fell to the ground and wandered into someone’s house.

After Madrox was all dressed, we took him to the bridge on Miramare. He was still in orientation when I tp’d him to my house, so now his home is set there. I thought it would be fun to show him where he should have landed. We only stood on the bridge for a moment until Blaspheme suggested we go to the clock nearby. We sat there and dangled our legs for a while. Blaspheme left to restart her computer, and Madrox left to do whatever, and I was alone. I considered finding out if Phoenix was still playing Greedy Greedy, but opted not to because I was already getting tired. So I went back to the bridge and was assaulted by noise, both aural and visual. Blaspheme rejoined me there. We didn’t last long before deciding to head home.

I don’t know how long Madrox will last. He plays WOW and laughed at me when I explained SL to him before he joined. But let me ask you this, readers. Who’s really the bigger nerd? The WOW addict or the SL addict? There are plenty of arguments on both sides, but I would argue that WOW addicts have the edge on that. WOW is clearly a game. There’s no argument in that respect. SL walks the line, but I think it isn’t meant to be treated as merely a game. Of course, I could just be talking out my finely toned pixelated ass 😛


~ by Portia on September 16, 2008.

One Response to “Disregard”

  1. Most definitely the WOW player. I’ve seen them in their natural habitat. It’s not pretty.

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