New Home!

The first thing I did upon logging on last night was check of Fleche (the landlord) was online. He was, so I sent him a message asking if the house we were looking at was ready. It took a few minutes for him to respond, but once he did he bounced into action. It turns out there were no texture changers because the house was an older model. I noticed that it also doesn’t show which avatars are in proximity to the door like the old one did. Doesn’t matter though. I don’t need either feature. In fact, we didn’t even use the texture changer at the old box. It looked great as is. The new one has wood panels on the wall, which took a little getting used to, but it looks fine now that the house isn’t empty.

The move was quick and painless. Fleche transferred my lease, so we didn’t have to wait the week to move. And I think we actually got an extra day out of it. Blaspheme and I packed up our stuff while Fleche added our names to the doors and security system. The move literally took minutes to complete. I’m incredibly pleased with the landlord, the house, and the new home we’re making there.

The first thing I did upon moving was tp over to Lok’s for the couches. While there, I impulse bought a scripted lounger. If we have prims left when we’re done furnishing, I’ll find a place for it. Also, I need to find a place for the plant. The bed is placed on one side of the second floor and Blaspheme set up a posing stand on the other. She also set up her Nintendo bench on the front porch, to which I added a pink tree with particle effects. Our pets, Oliver the cat and Winston the turtle, have also made themselves at home. Winston was a little put out because we no longer have a pool, but that was quickly remedied. Blaspheme conducted a little experiment to see if Winston would have less prims as a smaller turtle, but there’s no change in prim count. We spent a good amount of time looking for a shower but came up empty handed. I may just have to buy the one we liked on onrez since we couldn’t see it in-world. And while the landlord isn’t terribly strict about enforcing the prim limit (the rent box doesn’t even count them), we are trying harder this time around to acquire lower prim furnishings. I think we’re doing pretty well so far, but I will make a list next time I’m in-world so we can keep better track.

Speaking of lists, I wonder if Illyria has been online since I logged off last night. I’d really like to start coordinating some events. And if at all possible, I’d like to get permission to send out notices. It’s a little silly that I have to send one of the managers a notecard instead of just making the announcement myself. Judging from Phoenix’s reaction when I told him I couldn’t send the notice, it’s probably just an oversight. Anyway, I’d really like to get back to work soon and I’d like to see some VIPs there.


~ by Portia on September 10, 2008.

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