A Quiet Night

I didn’t feel much like socializing yesterday, so I spent quite a bit of time freebie/dollarbie hunting (and consequently, exploring). I suppose I could have gone to work, but I’d really like to see a schedule. I know the managers are working on something. That reminds me, I need to get that notecard to Illyria. I’ve joined a few groups that allow clubs to announce their events, so maybe I can bring in some people that way.

I popped in and out of Tochigi Japan throughout the afternoon until I finally saw a ? on the lucky board and snagged a spiffy new skin that I saw on Beanie Loves Japan. I love that blog. It gets me to venture into regions I wouldn’t have otherwise, which reminds me, I really should get a universal translator. Between my visits to Tochigi Japan, I picked up a few other things, one being a free scanner to use at work. I’d gone to buy the deluxe edition that I’d see on onrez, but I thought I’d try the free one first. I have a habit of buying more features than I’ll ever use. I also spent a lot of time trying to teleport into Juicy Bella to snag another Katatonik dollarbie. I ❤ Katatonik.

When Blaspheme got online, we went to pick up some stuff for her and than hung out at home. Actually, she went home before I did and called me to check out the new skybox floating above ours. It is…awesome. As soon as I get word from the landlord that it’s ready, we’re going to move in. We thought it might not be ready because it’s missing texture changers, and every other property we’ve visited in our area has them. Anyway, the house is HUGE. Two floors with huge open spaces (party anyone?), two small rooms adjoined by a narrow hallway, and a landing pad on the roof. There’s no pool, but we decided we’d make other arrangements for Winston. After flying back home, we went to the low prim furniture store that’s selling those couches Blaspheme found a while back. They’re very nice, have scripted couples poses, and half the prims of our current furniture. The only thing I absolutely will not replace, and Blaspheme agrees, is the lovely bed. We weren’t necessarily looking for a new place but this one is just too good to pass up.

This move may tap me out, what with the new furniture we’ll undoubtedly be picking up. I’d better start making money again! XD


~ by Portia on September 9, 2008.

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