I got a job and I think I like it…

For the sake of anonymity (if such a thing can exist), I’ve decided to leave old posts on the old blog and just continue here.

I’ve had some big changes in my SL since my last post, the biggest being that I got a job.  On one particularly slow night at the Caged Asylum, Phoenix asked if I’d like a job at another club he’s managing.  On my last count, he’s a manager at three clubs now.  I’m now a host for InSpired MaDness.  I decided on hosting over dancing because I’ve always thought there was little need for dancers in a club.  Plus, hosting feels like more of a job as I have actual responsibilities beyond dancing and chatting with the crowd.  I hosted my first event last night (best in leather/latex and spikes), and though the turnout was low I had a good time.  I got my name up on the staff board and learned how to manage the contest board.  Now I just have to get my list of contest ideas to Illyria.  I offered to post announcements on SL’s events page and whatever other websites I can find.  I’ve also seen groups made just for that purpose, so maybe I’ll join a few and spread our notices that way.  If we plan our events a few days in advance we can publicize and maybe get a few more bodies in the club.  I noticed something when I IMed the VIPs last night.  Very few are online from 8-10pm SLT, and those that are are either staff or just not interested in coming at that time.  The group IM was a very different experience than those I’d seen before.  When someone IM’s the Caged Asylum’s VIPs (or the Gallery, Tropican, Fat Fannies, etc.), at least a few VIPs engage in conversation.  I didn’t get a single reply last night.  Not even a response to Phoenix’s proclamation that he was a spider.

I was a little bummed that Blaspheme couldn’t be there, but sometimes RL happens. I know she’s been disenchanted with Caged lately, and I have as well, but while she has resolved to quit going I haven’t because that’s where my friends are.  I’ve been mostly successful at avoiding the offending parties there.

In other news, I did a lot of shopping this weekend.  I don’t even want to take a guess at how many Lindens I spent.  I wasn’t paying too much attention because I’ve wracked up a good amount from all the contests I’ve been placing in at Caged.  I’ve still got a nice cushion, so I guess I didn’t spend too much.  I did splurge on a shiny new skin though.  The quality is out of this world.  If there was a version with red lips, I’d drop another 1400L on a second skin. Why I can’t seem to find a decent skin in the right tone with the right red lips is beyond me. Anyway, now I have an everyday skin and a goth skin that I just adore.


~ by Portia on September 8, 2008.

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